Are you withholding emotional pain?

Step 1

The most common form of withholding is what we commonly call “the silent treatment.  It is our unwillingness to express our true feelings and our unwillingness to give support, praise, or positive attention to the people, especially loved ones, whom we might sometimes perceive to be difficult or unreasonable.

Spiritual Leadership With Ashton Training Academy

Leadership and Spirituality. Appropriate or Misplaced?

Step 1

At the mention of the word ‘Leadership’, one might conjure up a picture of a person; dagger-like eyes, heart of steel, making tough decisions and saving an organisation from the ruins of a financial crisis. The many quotes on leadership repeatedly mention direction, empowerment and delegation. Oxford Dictionary uses words like command, control, rule, power and mastery to describe leadership.  

Neuro-Linguistic Programme (NLP)

Step 1

If prayer is energy that we send to the universe to co-create something we desire, then our every thought  is a prayer with that same energy. This however, includes not only thoughts of hope and joy but also thoughts of worry. 

How Is Your EQ Related To NLP?

Step 1

People with a high degree of emotional intelligence know how to describe and name their feelings, what their emotions mean, and how these emotions can affect other people. Below are some examples of how NLP can help us build Emotional Intelligence. Simple, practical and use the mindmap to help you better digest the learning. Enjoy the process and use these points to help you break free from your negative emotion.

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