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When we can release our hold on negativity, curiosity and creativity sneak in to light up the brain to give us better solutions.

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Is it important to
hold promises sacred?

I know most of us will immediately say YES to the question. Well, it depends. Whether it is a promise to yourself or to others, to hold it sacred or not depends if it is helpful or harmful. A promise to someone to return a favour or a promise to self to be less judging are good and helpful. It increases your integrity and trustworthiness.

Build A Good Relationship
With Food (Part 2)

In the previous article, we shared that when you have a good relationship with food, allow all types of food into your diet and do not label them as good or bad, they lose their power. Through the process of 'counter regulation' and 'habituation', food loses their power over us and and we change our perception of how they used to define us. 

Build A Good Relationship
With Food (Part 1)

What we eat and drink can have a powerful effect on our ability to focus, mental clarity, mood, and stress levels. Most of us differentiate our food as good  or bad  and we start to build a good or a bad relationships with these food respectively. 

Be The Reflection You'd Like To See In Others

The saying that birds of the same feather flock together means that we hang out with people who are like us and we attract individuals who mirror who we are inside us. Simply put, when you look at others, you will likely see what exists in you, like a mirror. 

Think Before You Speak - 9 NLP Conversation Frames

It is a really good habit to think before you speak. It helps to avoid causing unnecessary trouble in your relationships or your career, which will snowball to affect your mental and emotional health.

Your Ripple Effect

Our every thought and action affect the people in our lives, and their reactions in turn affect others - like ripples spreading and expanding, even more widely, with the help of the wind. The impact you have on the world is much more than you could ever imagine. The choices you make can have far-reaching significance. 

Are you withholding emotional pain?

The most common form of withholding is what we commonly call “the silent treatment.  It is our unwillingness to express our true feelings and our unwillingness to give support, praise, or positive attention to the people, especially loved ones, whom we might sometimes perceive to be difficult or unreasonable.

Neuro-Linguistic Programme (NLP)

If prayer is energy that we send to the universe to co-create something we desire, then our every thought  is a prayer with that same energy. This however, includes not only thoughts of hope and joy but also thoughts of worry. Worry prayers tend to manifest faster and stronger than hope, lending our nervous energy  to the creation of something we don't want. 

Spiritual Leadership With Ashton Training Academy

Leadership and Spirituality.
Appropriate or Misplaced?

At the mention of the word ‘Leadership’, one might conjure up a picture of a person; dagger-like eyes, heart of steel, making tough decisions and saving an organisation from the ruins of a financial crisis. The many quotes on leadership repeatedly mention direction, empowerment and delegation. Oxford Dictionary uses words like command, control, rule, power and mastery to describe leadership.  

How Is Your EQ
Related To NLP?

People with a high degree of emotional intelligence know how to describe and name their feelings, what their emotions mean, and how these emotions can affect other people. Below are some examples of how NLP can help us build Emotional Intelligence. Simple, practical and use the mindmap to help you better digest the learning. Enjoy the process and use these points to help you break free from your negative emotion.

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