Compassion and Mental Health 

Published on 18th October 2022

Certified NLP Trainer. Professional Coach and Corporate Trainer.

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Kiki Ng

Have you felt like there's no fairness at home or at work?

Identifying petty differences in job distribution and opinions can brew animosity, resentment and revenge. This aftermath from the knawing feeling of being unfairly treated can be detrimental to our mental health and the environment.

Here is a great tip on how to care for our mental health when this feeling arises.

I believe being petty has a lot to do with with being judgmental and the lack of compassion for others.We are too busy making everything about ourselves to care about what’s going on with anyone else. 

The truth about showing compassion is that it helps us heal.

Nurture compassion primarily by becoming aware that the needs of others deserve recognition which usually leads to practicing true forgiveness.

By nurturing compassion, we nurture our own mental health and at the same time help build a future generation of peace makers.

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