Conquer Every Challenge with these 5 Questions

Published on 27th Feb 2023

Certified NLP Trainer. Professional Coach and Corporate Trainer.

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Kiki Ng

Life can feel perplexing and impossible sometimes. 🌪

Relationships can be rocky, parents can be overprotective, friends can be annoyingly nosey, kids overly rebellious and there's never enough time to complete something important. ⏱

Sometimes things can get so overwhelming that you might want to crawl into your bed and never leave the safety of your covers. 😣

No matter what you are going through, just know that you can get through this. 💪🏻

These are some questions you can ask yourself before giving up on a situation, relationship or a job. 💬

1️⃣ What is not happening/present in this situation that is important to me?

2️⃣ What will solving this problem give me?

3️⃣ Is this problem worth solving?

4️⃣ If today was the last day of my life, would this problem still be a concern to me? What is it that I really value?

5️⃣ If I were not afraid, what would I do? What is my greatest fear? Is it a fact or just an irrational fear?

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