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Ashton NLP Training and Communication Workshop

Ashton NLP Communication Training

Getting Your Message Across Easily

Powerful Communication techniques reflect an efficient organisation, and as your role in the organisation contains a large amount of telephone contact, it is therefore important that you, as the 'front person' of the organisation, reflect the efficiency of your practice. 

And one of the biggest reasons to be serious about refreshing your communication skills is your customer. 

One bad experience with someone may be enough reason for a conflict to start. 

If you are going to be good at what you do, if you are going to be a reliable asset to your company, if you are going to carve out a challenging career for yourself, then you need to take good care of your customers, internal or external. 

And that means that you must pay attention to the fundamentals. 

This effective communication at work interactive programme shows participants how to muster the powerful communication techniques for telephone success.

Course Objectives:

1) Learn how to profitably handle enquiries, take messages responsibly, generate client interest whilst building rapport, and the best way to repeat back or summarise key points. We also share with you what are the tool-up key statements and strategy for excellence in answering or introducing yourself! 

2) Understand the importance of good communication how to do it effectively in any situation.

3) Project professionalism and a positive attitude consistently even in stressful situations.

4) Learn how to welcome difficult, angry, awkward conversation, in meeting or over the phone and turn them into happy clients! 

5) Learn to choose vocabulary that is calming, persuasive, and positive. 

6) Project authority through voice, and vocabulary choice. 

7) Develop strategies to improve your communication with our proven NLP framework that will allows you to see positive results in just days! 

Talk to us and let us see how we can craft out a suitable programme for you today!

Power Selling With NLP

Selling' is the heart beat of any business. 

No business can function without professional sales people. Sales, an activity where buyers meet seller, forms an integral part of commercial activity and is the cornerstone of business as all businesses have the goal of making that meeting successful.

Mastering sales is considered by many as a persuading "art". 

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, uses powerful communication models to build rapport with people to influence them through pacing and leading. 

Sales people are taught to speak the language of the customers’ model of the world and using subliminal influence, enabling the buyer to visualise, feel and ‘hear’ how to achieve his goal in the most efficient way.

This sales training course is designed to give salespeople the confidence to probe, handle objections and close potential customers.

At the end of the session, participants will learn:

1) Apply self motivation techniques

2) Understand why people buy

3) Learn to build instant rapport and connect with people

4) Use questioning techniques to probe and qualify

5) Demonstrate good listening skills

6) Use emotional selling in their sales presentations

7) Learn to use sensory based language to lead and pace

8) Practice different types of sales close

9) Learn the importance of service follow-up

10) Understanding features and selling benefits 

11) Demonstrating your product – gaining confidence through resource anchoring

12) Understanding Classical Conditioning

13) Conditioning Yourself

13) Identifying buying signals  and closing the sale

14) Knowing when to close

15) Understanding body language

16) Sensory Acuity

17) The Language of Space 

and so much more...

Talk to us and let us send you our full sales training workshop details.

English For Working Adults

English is probably the world's most important language. 

It is so because of the number of people who speak it and also due to its significance in international, social, cultural and political activities. 

English continues to be the world standard language, and there is no major threat to the language or to its global popularity.

With the Government’s emphasis on the English Language nowadays, organisations nationwide are putting English training as a priority in their training plan.  

This HRDF claimable professional English communication programme will help participants build confidence in using the language and in pronouncing English words correctly.

Objectives, at the end of the session:

1) Participants will learn new words about the workplace and related places, to help them in their daily English conversations at work.

2) Participants will find new confidence to speak, emphasizing on voice and body language to make their conversation interesting.

3) Participants will learn to pronounce using the International Phonetic Alphabet System (IPA) instead of relying on the teacher for the correct pronunciation. 

With an understanding of IPA, participants can decipher the correct pronunciation on their own.

4) Participants are also taught how to enhance their image as English speakers and use the correct posture at work and in public through basic grooming tips.

5) Participants listen to native speakers speak and understand the meaning of their speech. 

6) Participants will also learn how to use correct grammar in their writing.

7) Participants learn full sentence conversations using new words they have learnt, with the right grammar and pronunciation

8) Participants learn to read and use body language to enhance their communication skills.

Our aim is to increase the student's confidence in the day-to-day use of the language. This syllabus is designed for organisation who wants to improve their team's competency when it comes to communicating and presenting.

Customer Service Excellence

In today’s fast pace and diversified environment, providing excellent customer service is vital to enhance the image and reputation of your organisation. 

No matter what product or service you offer, it is important that you manage your customer's experience. 

It's those seemingly little touches and comments--that often have nothing to do with your specific business -- that will make your customers remember doing business with you as personal and enjoyable. 

What can you do today to cause customers not only to remember you, but also want to come back and recommend you to others?

Excellent customer service is crucial for organisations to have employees be in consistently excellent as whatever they do, their ability to manage themselves and be of service to one customer have direct impact on their performance. 

This highly interactive HRDF claimable excellence in customer service workshop provide opportunity for participants to explore the basics mindset of customer service in medical centre context. 

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends." ~ Walt Disney 

During the programme, participants will explore and discover:

1) The significance of service in today’s  environment.

2) More about self and career values.

3) The characteristics and Critical Success Factors of Service Excellence. 

4) Ways to enhance Emotional Intelligence in delivering excellence service.

5) The influence of human emotions and psychology.

6) Various Communication style to foster stronger relationships with your client.

7) Ways to improve Language pattern when offering service.

8) Perception and Resourceful Thought  that contributes to service excellence.

9) The rapport strategies when dealing with potential and existing customers.

10) Establishing Customer-Centric Focus Mentality.

11) Understanding Your Personal Impact.

12) Understanding Customer Requirements.

13) Discovering The Art Of Questioning.

14) Internalising Listening Techniques.

15) Building Rapport With Customers.

16) Discovering The Moment Truth.

17) Defining And Supporting The Line Of Sight.

This programme is suitable for new employees, shop assistants, shop supervisors, floor executives and customer service representatives (CSRs) for your organisartion.

Beyond EQ, Interpersonal Skills and Social Intelligence

EQ craze started when there was a missing link in the finding that people with average IQ outperform those with the highest EQ 70% of the time. 

In interpersonal skills, beyond emotional intelligence programme, we dive deep into personal and social competence to help you manage self and build meaningful relationships with others, through effective self-profiling and communication models.

This 2-day programme will be an unforgettable experience for your managers and staff. 

They will learn and understand the concept behind relationship development and termination, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and to analyse their own personality and communication styles. 

These skills and knowledge can then be applied in real life negotiations with customers and suppliers.  

Peak Performance and EQ training delivers a concise but powerful hands-on experiential workshop for current staff and high potentials. 

It goes straight to the core components of successful performance: assessing and enhancing the essential inner-core attributes (i.e., vision, passion, positive mental attitude, responsibility, team-working attitude) and outer-core skills and competencies (i.e. selling skills, communication and leadership skills, stress and time management skills) required of peak performance. 

Including carefully selected worksheets and tools, Going Beyond EQ uses powerful NLP techniques to impart critical skills, to imprint self-motivation to stay positive; communicate with clarity, build instant rapport and work as a team to boost sales. It’s just what you need, to get started on high-impact performance that will drive your leaders, staff and organisation to success.

Objectives: This emotional intelligence, highly sought after course aims to help participants:

1. Foster Self Awareness and Personal Change.

2. Learn to manage and motivate self.

3. Stimulate curiosity to learn about, appreciate and empathise with others.

4. Acquire skills to communicate and build rapport with others.

5. Learn to inspire and motivate others.

6. Understand effective communication and identify barriers that prevent it.

7. Assess their own communication style.

8. Learn how their behaviour affects others.

9. Choose words that are appropriate for each situation.   

10. Use body language to help get their message across.   

11. Learn how to give and receive constructive feedback.   

12. Sharpen their listening skills.

13. Improve public and personal persuasion skills.

14. Create an action plan to continue improving their interpersonal skills.

This programme is highly interactive, HRDF claimable and will be deliver by our master trainer, Kiki Ng and facilitate by group of certified NLP practitioner and coaches to maximise participants learning experience throughout the days.

Grooming and Professional Work Etiquette

A programme designed to bring out the radiance for your front liners, sales and marketing, PR and customer service personnel.

The theme of this workshop is ‘GROOMING FROM THE INSIDE OUT’.

This Personal Grooming workshop aims to provide a holistic form of grooming to the participants where they learn to easily  transform their image, looks,  and confidence level by applying self transforming techniques internally and externally.

Participants will learn the importance of a positive mental attitude that goes beyond good looks and outer image.  

This programme  will  be  excellent  for  sales executives, front  line  staff  and  customer service  officers  who  deal  directly  with  clients  and  carry  the image of  the company  throughout the day, whether at work or outside work. 

We use effective NLP strategies to help participants learn faster and apply effective change techniques by incorporating external grooming AND internal grooming. 

At the end of the programme, the participants will be able to:

1) Gain favourable impression and edge when meeting with customers

2) Learn to use the personal hygiene and fragrance to their grooming advantage

3) Learn to read body language and understand the communication behind non-verbal gestures.

4) Learn to build rapport and develop an attractive personality

5) Learn social etiquette e.g meet and greet, the professional handshake and the right way to introduce someone or to give a business card.

6) Knowing the importance of corporate grooming and ethics and your role as a lecturer.

7) Understand the fundamentals of professional image and personal grooming

8) Demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively and improve relationships with students and peers

9) Learn to work well with your peers and respect organisational hierarchy

10) Learn new methods of delivery to gain popularity and respect in the classroom

11) How to introduce people to others 

12) Using formal names instead of first names 

13) How to dress with executive poise 

14) Proper social interaction at receptions and parties 

15) Navigating a formal table setting 

16) Paying for lunch or dinner in client settings 

17) Handling meetings with ease 

18) Appropriate interaction with co-workers 

This grooming workshop is going to be very practical, effective and  fun!

Leadership Development Training and Team Building

Ashton training academy

Power Talk Series

Deliver great speeches, make persuasive sales presentations, or conduct lectures to inspire, convince and capture the attention of your audience!

The ability to present and speak with confidence, power and impact is a skill that can be developed by almost anyone in the right learning environment. 

Voice and energy projection, gesturing and pressing the right ‘buttons’ with the right words, are skills you can learn in this powerful 3-day session.

We are passionate about helping you grasp those impressive speaking skills. 

This workshop will light up a whole new unique learning experience for you, in a supportive and engaging environment. 

This allows you to radiate with confidence as you experiment and learn through practical experience.

This 3-Day session uses powerful techniques to help in the internalisation of learning, practice and in accessing a rich variety of positive states of mind because we believe that all learning is state dependant. 

This course is designed for those who currently have little to some experience of public speaking and wish to bring their presentation skills to the next level. 

It is aimed to help participants capture audience attention and states to influence registration, retention and recall, in both small and large audience scenarios.

This is the Art of Persuasion and Motivating Action. Learn to give speech, express your thoughts and messages to your team with impact that will improve their morale, empowerment and aligning them to your company's mission and vision.

Now, you too can unlock the secrets of presenting magically as a leader and sales professionals.

Contact us and learn to improve the art of persuasion through stage speaking with absolute clarity and power.

Leaders Leading Change

Leaders make or break a company, which is why Leadership training is so crucial to ensure that leaders reach their full potential and drive organisational results. 

Ashton's 2-Part Leaders Leading Change programme delivers a concise and powerful hands on experiential workshop for leaders, new and existing managers.

It goes straight to the core components of successful performance management and team leadership: 

Assessing and enhancing the essential inner-core attributes (i.e. Vision, passion, empathy, humility) and outer-core skills and competencies (i.e., Planning, monitoring, decision-making, high impact-communication) required of high performing managers and inspiring leaders alike. 

Including carefully selected worksheets and tools, this 2-part HRDF claimable Leadership and Coaching training programme extend to include small group coaching clinics to follow, which reinforces some of the most critical skills learnt, skills that will drive your leaders to success!  

Objectives of Ashton Leadership Workshop Training Programme is to accelerate organisational:

1. Managers learn traits and skills of leadership – influencing and motivating self and others. Members experience the power of great leadership and the spirit of a team united.

2. Managers learn to form and maintain a team-based culture that will leverage and celebrate differences for greater productivity· 

Recognise opportunities to synergize within the work team, department or organisation· 

Develop and foster teaming relationships as a source of trust· 

3. Managers recognize that adapting to change is vital for progress. Learning to understand their own reactions to change and develop practical techniques to constructively deal with the personal impacts of change.

4. Managers find their leadership voice to communicate with more influence and aim to improve communication to enhance individual and team performance. 

Members learn to understand themselves and their team members in terms of mannerism, styles and behaviour.

5. Leaders learn to promote the importance of a positive culture in teams by living and walking the CORE.

Let us accelerate your organisational growth, performance and productivity through our proven leadership training framework that we've been implement just like the other corporate big brands.

Coaching for Leaders

An enthusiastic and committed team can be a powerful tool in your leadership belt, allowing you to achieve positive results in your bottom line and quality of life for those working under your leadership (you included). 

One of the key qualities of highly successful leaders is the ability to coach effectively.   

Coaching is partnering to empower someone to take some time out to refocus, working smarter not harder and renewing his/her motivation and commitment to achieve set goals. It builds a very supportive and positive culture.  

In this session, leaders learn about the impact of coaching on a team and use tools and techniques to help the team members achieve their goals.

Leaders will learn the important traits of a good coach and skills to listen empathically without judging or giving suggestions. 

This proposal is drawn up to help the entire team and the leaders, to embrace coaching progressively, as it is introduced in 3 STAGES.

STAGE 1: Setting The Stage of Coaching

This session lights the torch of coaching for it to burn brightly in the heart of the entire organisation. 

The main objectives are to set the stage for employees to understand and appreciate the value of coaching and to create a positive, supportive environment that generates commitment and enthusiasm. 

The team learns what to expect in a coaching session, how to be coachable and answers a coaching readiness survey.

STAGE 2: Growing The Coach

Learn to develop the potential of employees, peers or others:

This 2-day HRDF coaching for leaders workshop provides the coaching skills to develop the potential of your employees, peers and others. 

Through practical workshops and role-playing exercises, you enhance your leadership style with proven coaching techniques that provide a pathway to excellence for the entire organisation. Objectives:

• Understand that coaching is vital for driving team performance

• Apply coaching techniques to unlock employee potential and maximise performance

• Harness the art of coaching to forge collaborative relationships

• Develop the coaching skills, attitudes and behaviours to foster success at all levels

• Recognise and adapt to individual and situational differences

STAGE 3: The Coach Awakens

This is where the coach goes live after the coaching workshop.

Upon completion of the coaching training, each participant will go through a one-and-a-half hour practical live coaching, supervised by our master trainer, Ms Kiki Ng.

Candidates who passed this practical session will be issued a certificate of achievement too!

Teaming for Excellence

Champions are positive people who radiate success! 

Bosses want them on their team. Employees want to work harder for them. Customers and clients want to do business with them.

This highly effective team building Malaysia programme will be an unforgettable experience for your managers and staff.

 They will learn to work with shared values and to bond closely together to experience the dynamics of working  as a team to achieve one common goal.

POSITIVE TEAMS are the lifeline of every company. Customers love them, bosses bask in their energy and team members shine in their leadership. They are effective and are positively contagious at work.

This HRDF claimable team building training delivers a concise but powerful hands-on experiential workshop for staff from executive and above. 

It goes straight to the core components of positive work ethics right through to leading with high energy, strong vision and excellent communication. 

Including carefully selected worksheets and tools, this team building workshop can be extended to include small group coaching clinics to follow, which reinforces some of the most critical skills learnt, such as how to: speak with impact • inspire a team • listen empathically and • manage performance. It’s just what you need, to get started on high-impact communication course that will drive your leaders to success.

People Profiling for Team Excellence

RAISING A TEAM OF STARS is every leader’s dream—which is why people development programmes are so crucial. 

Understanding their key strength, needs and values can ensure that teams reach their peak potential and drive organisational results.

People style and profiling for team excellence delivers a concise and powerful hands-on experiential workshop for leaders, new and existing employees. 

It goes straight to the core components of successful teams; EQ, personality styles and team trust, required of high performing executives, managers and inspiring leaders alike. 

Organisational use them in many ways at work i.e recruitment, staff appraisals, coaching, personal and team development. 

It will also help with the individual’s development, choice of job role and their best fit within the environment. 

It provides a starting point or compass to get the best out of a most expensive and valuable resource and to target more cost effectively, solutions that will help satisfy, engage and retain their team members. 

One of the biggest benefits derived from our profiling sessions is personal change. 

The self-awareness improves the way they relate to self and others, which affect their interpersonal skills positively.

Objectives of this people style at work programme is to improve:

1. Team Cohesiveness: Members learn to understand themselves and their teammates’ styles and preferences.
This gives the more space for tolerance and compassion, thus increases team understanding and cohesiveness. They learn to leverage and celebrate differences for greater productivity

2. Team Communication: Members recognize opportunities to synergize within the work team, department or organisation· Develop and foster teaming relationships as a source of trust. 

3. Team TRUST: Members realise the importance of Team Trust and how easily this can be compromised by miscommunication, wrong perceptions and a clash of styles 

4. Team Speed: Members recognize opportunities to synergize within the work team, department or organisation, develop and foster teaming relationships as a source of trust.

5. Change: Members recognize that adapting to change is vital for progress. Learning to understand their own reactions to change and develop practical techniques to constructively deal with the personal impacts of change.

So how much do you know about your team? How do you know what is their strength and how do you allocate your roles and KPI based on their strength, value and interest that will improve your company's performance and productivity?

Let's discuss!

Human Resource Training and Management Workshop For Corporate

KPI and Performance Management

Creating a performance-based culture is becoming more important than ever. 

Unfortunately, managers cite performance appraisals or annual reviews as one of their most disliked tasks. 

Possessing the skills to manage individuality, develop responsibility in others and deal productively with under-performers is critical to maximising employee productivity. 

In this course, you will be informed on the basics of performance management and learn practical tips on how to facilitate getting the best from your staff. 

You will also gain the knowledge and skills to get the best from the people you manage by forging performance partnerships built on their individual strengths. 

At the end of the course, participants will learn:

a. How to align organisational goals to performance goals

b. How to set measurable goals 

c. How to use performance management to help people succeed and improve

d. Why Performance Appraisals?

e. Understand what is poor performance and how to identify and prevent them

f. Learn to communicate standards and expectations

g. Learn to give feedback correctly - how to communicate performance feedback, 

h. Learn what is meant by poor performance and the steps to counseling a poor performer.

The workshop training methodology includes:

1) High-energy presentation by Ms Kiki Ng

2) Thinking Games with deep, powerful messages

3) Video clips from popular movies to inspire participants

4) Role play

5) Brainstorming sessions to work the brain cells

6) Songs of inspiration

7) Dance steps to keep the adrenaline flowing!

Successful Selection and Competency Interview

Ever wonder why they seemed so perfect during the interview? 

And why do they leave you almost immediately after they start to perform? 

If you have been hiring based on intuition or gut feel, if you have been asking random questions during interviews… YOU NEED THIS COURSE to ease away your frustrations!

You are tired and frustrated of hiring candidates who are not suitable for the job and not compatible with the company culture? 

Wrong hiring can be disastrous for company, employees and customers. 

This 2-day workshop will equip those involved in the selection interviewing process with the necessary skills and information to design a competency based interview structure and to conduct effective behavioural-based selection interviews.

Some of the topics we'll cover includes:

• Types of Competencies

• Questioning Techniques

• STAR Evaluation Model

• Common Errors

• Behaviourial Based Interviews

• Sensory Acuity

• Eye Accessing Cues

• Body Language

• How to Conduct Reference Checks

All courses are HRDF claimable, suitable for any individual or organisation that wants to learn how to identify, attract, reward, manage and retain talent for your business growth.

Creative Thinking

Much of the thinking done in formal education emphasizes the skills of analysis; how to understand product life cycles, follow or create a logical argument, figure out the answer, eliminate the incorrect paths and focus on the correct one. 

However, there is another kind of thinking, one that focuses on exploring ideas, generating possibilities, looking for many right answers rather than just one. 

Both of these kinds of thinking are vital to a successful working life, yet the latter one tends to be ignored. 

Believe it or not, everyone has substantial creative ability. 

Just look at how creative children are. 

In adults, creativity has too often been suppressed through education, but it is still there and can be reawakened. 

Often, all that's needed to be creative is to make a commitment to creativity and to take the time for it. 

Creativity is also an attitude: the ability to accept change and newness, a willingness to play with ideas and possibilities, a flexibility of outlook, the habit of enjoying the good, while looking for ways to improve it.

Using CREATIVE TRAINING METHODOLOGY, this 2-day programme provides executives and managers with tools and skills to think creatively and solve problems using creative thinking strategies.

In this 2-day programme, we will:

• Identify individual and organisational opportunities for creativity 

• Choose from among options for overcoming blocks to creativity 

• Analyse situations that require creative thinking 

• Be more creative in problem-solving and decision-making roles 

• Implement the products of the creative process 

• Use various tools for enhancing creativity skills 

Talk to us and let's promote innovation and creativity within your organisation!

Contact Centre (Persuasion, Etiquette & Customer Service)

You only get ONE chance to make a first impression. 

The Verbal Handshake is about effective phone answering skills which are essential to creating a positive first impression,  that  sets the tone for the rest of the customer’s interaction with your organisation.

At the same time, more and more companies are increasing their use of the telephone as the quickest and most convenient way of establishing customer contacts. 

Call centres and mail order are one of the fastest growing operational departments for Malaysian organisations and these organisations recognise that telesales and telemarketing are a key part of their sales strategy. 

It is essential that telesales staff represent their organisation in a professional and friendly way, using clear and effective communication to ensure that customer value is maximised and potential business is not lost. 

If your staff are not trained properly on telephone sales, how much business are they losing your company?

This Telemarketing training programme and customer service center course is designed for your staff to always project the correct image to your potential customers to aims to help your company stand out from the crowd. 

This contact centre - art of persuasion course will deal extensively with the skills of a telesales representative to not only be an order taker, but an order creator. 

Course objectives:

Good buyers are often pre-occupied with business problems and do not have a lot of time for you. Learn to:

1) Gain their attention 

2) Arouse their interest 

3) Gain their participation 

4) Be able to lead easily into the presentation 

5) Understand the importance of telephone etiquette

6) Learn the correct way of answering the phone

7) Basic good manners and telephone tips

8) Using the correct tone, pitch and volume to influence       and persuade

9) Taking messages and transferring a call

10) Responding to an angry customer

11) The Language of Influence

Talk to us and select your best accredited telemarketing course with Ashton NLP now.

Peak Performance and Emotional Quotient at Work

Employees can make or break a company—which is why staff training and coaching are so crucial. 

Effective training can ensure that employees reach their peak potential and drive organisational results. 

Peak Performance and EQ training delivers a concise but powerful hands-on experiential workshop for current staff and high potentials. 

It goes straight to the core components of successful performance: assessing and enhancing the essential inner-core attributes (i.e., vision, passion, positive mental attitude, responsibility, team-working attitude) and outer-core skills and competencies (i.e. selling skills, communication and leadership skills, stress and time management skills) required of peak performance. 

Including carefully selected worksheets and tools, Peak Performance and EQ uses powerful NLP techniques to impart critical skills, to imprint self-motivation to stay positive; communicate with clarity, build instant rapport and work as a team to boost sales. 

It’s just what you need, to get started on high-impact performance that will drive your leaders, staff and organisation to success.

So, what challenges do you faced in your organisation? 

What outcome would you like to achieve to promote a healthier, happier and a fufilling peak performance with high Emotional Intelligence workplace?

Let's discuss.

Stress Management Inside Out

The memory of a stressful event haunts us forever and robs us of our peace. 

Whether it is at home, at the workplace or while socialising outside with friends, the trigger of stress can be activated without any warning. 

Stress leads to biological changes in the body and the brain, producing chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline, thus affecting mood and behaviour.

This 4-DAY SESSION teaches you tools used in NLP, HYPNOTHERAPY & TIMELINE THERAPY for stress relief and emotional management. 

Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a Practitioner’s Certification in Hypnotherapy, recognized by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) and Association. of Hypnotherapy Practitioners, Malaysia (AHPM), so you could practice legally in Malaysia.

This stress management NLP course is also suitable for those who wish to learn how to achieve inner peace through timeline model, using the latest mind science hack to improve overall well-being, promote inner peace, joy and abundance and elimininate unwanted stress at work and in life.  

Talk to us, and let our professional hypnotherapist, certified coach and NLP trainer, Ms Kiki Ng to share with you how you can achieve total joy, inner peace and become more resilient than you think you are in your personal life.

What Students Say

Alexander Ang
Digital Marketer - Traffic and Funnels Enterprise

"I enroll Ms Kiki's NLP certification workshop and I must say I'm impressed by the delivery and the activities that is designed to help you learn so much more.

Going through the course not only clearing up my mental blocks, negative emotion and bad dieting habits, but also gives me deeper sense of clarity of what I can do next, to create and build the life that I want to be. 

Fast forward few years after the class, I started my own company, super charging my growth, invested in multiple assets and I'm continuing achieving a new level of growth that I've never thought possible. 

Thank you so much Ms Kiki! You're HEALED ME!

Melisa Malik
Founder- InspireKidz  

"Life Altering Experience! 

My experience at Ashton has been life changing. 

It has helped to aligned my life back to the path that's more purposeful and fulfilling. 

To say that Kiki is a wonderful trainer will be an understatement as she continues to coach and mentor her students while maintaining close bond with them. 

Her positive energy is also contagious because I'll always feel motivated and inspired after spending a few hours with her. 

I can safely say taking my NLP practitioner course with Ashton  had been one of the best decision and life altering.”

Siti Zaharah Mohd Salleh, 
Senior Accounts - Datasonic Technologies

“I get to learn a lot on the V.A.K AD language, the concept and practical steps to build trust, gain confidence and influence.

 Ms Kiki Ng is very knowledgeable and experienced on this area. Seriously, I learned so much new inputs from her than most training out there.”

Account Manager – MDEC  

“Learn to communicate and convey message with purpose and impact. 

Kiki is a very experienced trainer and she shares very useful tips during the training to become better, confidence and impactful, contributing to the society.”

 Michelle Martin
COO, Lightning Protection Systems

“The best trainer and coach I have ever had. 

Full of positive energy and everyday when we meet, I learn something new. 

Appointed Kiki and the Ashton team for our yearly team building and it brought tremendous change to all our staff. 

Looking forward to seeing her and her team again.”

Andrew Tan
Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Corporate Trainer  

“If you are looking for a master trainer who is serious about the quality of your learning, I recommend Kiki. 

I personally heard from a few people who have attended other NLP training by other providers, they said that Kiki covers all the important techniques comprehensively and she makes sure the students gain value from it. 

I am fortunate to gain value from her sessions.” 

Let Us Help You Grow Your Organization's With Latest Mind Science Framework To Improve Performance and Productivity 

Fill up your details below, and talk to one of our certified NLP coaches and 
see how we can help you to accomodate your company's needs today!

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