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Over the past 30 years, Ashton Training have trained, coached over thousands of clients with proven model framework to achieve their company goals and objectives.

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Ashton NLP Training and Certification Workshop

Practitioner's and Master Practitioner's Certification in NLP

Embark on a transformative journey into NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and NLP coaching. It's a dynamic, powerful hands on experiential workshop filled with exams, real-world coaching and a final project.

Basic NLP for Professionals

Dive into the captivating world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) designed specifically for professionals. In this programme, you'll acquire essential NLP skills to enhance your personal and professional life.

Advanced NLP for Professionals

Elevate your professional prowess with our Advanced NLP program tailored for seasoned individuals seeking to take their skills to new heights. This dynamic programme empowers you to become a master of NLP in the professional arena.

NLP Coaching for Leaders

Unlock your leadership potential through the power of NLP coaching. This programme is designed to equip leaders with the skills and insights to become highly effective and influential in their roles.

The Art of Anchoring for Trainers

This programme is your gateway to mastering the profound skill of anchoring. Anchoring, refers to the strategic use of sensory triggers to create specific emotional states and enhance the learning experience for your participants.

GROW your EQ with NLP

Dive deep into personal and social competence to help you manage self and build meaningful relationships with others, through effective self-profiling and communication models.

Leadership Development Workshop

NLP Leadership Certification- Agility Essentials

The purpose of the "NLP Leadership Certification - Agility Essentials" programme is to empower leaders with the essential NLP skills and an agile mindset. It equips you to lead effectively in a dynamic world, where adaptability and innovation are crucial.

High Impact Communication For Leaders

This programme aims to equip leaders with the communication skills necessary to inspire, lead with influence, and drive effective collaboration within their organizations. Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful leadership.

Stress Management Inside Out - Real Life Application Workshop

Learn how to achieve inner peace through NLP, HYPNOTHERAPY & TIMELINE THERAPY model to improve overall well-being, promote inner peace, joy and abundance and eliminate unwanted stress at work and in life.

Beyond Emotional Intelligence

Including carefully selected worksheets and tools, this programme uses powerful NLP techniques for leaders to communicate with clarity and empathy, build instant rapport and work as a team.

High Performing Teams

This HRDF claimable team building programme delivers a concise but powerful hands-on experiential workshop for staff from executive and above. Learn how to work with shared values and experience the dynamics of working as a team to achieve one common goal.

Coaching and Therapy Workshop

Phobia and Trauma Therapy

This programme is designed to help individuals overcome phobias and heal from trauma with the necessary skills and specialised knowledge. It focuses on evidence-based approaches to bring about positive transformation in their lives.

Behavioural Change Coaching

Learn evidence-based coaching techniques to help individuals set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and maintain long-lasting behavioral changes through our practical application methods.

Motivation and Life Coaching

This programme is designed to empower individuals to inspire motivation and offer life coaching that enables clients to achieve their personal and professional goals through hands-on coaching sessions, using real-life case studies and practical exercises.

Conflict Management Coaching

Learn proven conflict management techniques and strategies and develop emotional intelligence and empathy as essential coaching skills to understand the emotional aspects of conflicts and facilitating resolution.

Here's what our students say about us

Real reviews from some of our customers

Alexander Ang - Digital Marketer

Fast forward few years after the class, I started my own company, super charging my growth, invested in multiple assets and I'm continuing achieving a new level of growth that I've never thought possible.

Melisa Malik - InspireKidz

To say that Kiki is a wonderful trainer will be an understatement as she continues to coach and mentor her students while maintaining close bond with them.

Siti Zaharah Mohd Salleh Datasonic Technologies

I get to learn a lot on the V.A.K AD language, the concept and practical steps to build trust, gain confidence and influence.

Saifuneesha MDEC

Kiki is a very experienced trainer and she shares very useful tips during the training to become better, confidence and impactful, contributing to the society

Michelle Martin COO, Lightning Protection Systems

Appointed Kiki and the Ashton team for our yearly team building and it brought tremendous change to all our staff.

Andrew Tan Certified NLP Master Practitioner

If you are looking for a master trainer who is serious about the quality of your learning, I recommend Kiki.

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