Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Published on 14th June 2022

Certified NLP Trainer. Professional Coach and Corporate Trainer.

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Kiki Ng

If prayer is energy that we send to the universe to co-create something we desire, then our every thought 💭 is a prayer with that same energy. ⚡️

This however, includes not only thoughts of hope and joy 🌈 but also thoughts of worry. ☔️

Worry prayers tend to manifest faster and stronger than hope, lending our nervous energy 🌪 to the creation of something we don't want. 😥

But thanks to NLP, we can retrain our thoughts to focus on what we desire. Sensory affirmations are the most effective antidote for worry.

NLP uses mind tools to 'push' sensory affirmations of hope and joy to replace and stop worry from manifesting in our head.

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