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2024 NLP Practitioner's Certification Courses

Over the past 30 years, Ashton Training have trained, coached over thousands of clients with proven model framework to achieve their company goals and objectives.

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Experience the flexibility of our in-house training service, now available even for a minimum of 4 participants! Choose your preferred dates and venue to ensure a customized and convenient learning experience for your team.

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For sessions hosted at Ashton Training centres, we've taken care of every detail, including complimentary lunch and tea breaks. Enjoy a seamless and comfortable learning environment that fosters productivity and engagement

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The Transformation You Will Experience After This Programme

Break Free From Negative Emotions & Habits
How to Reprogram For What You Want In Life - The Best Version Of You
Build Rapport, Learn and Master The Language of NLP and Persuasion
Create Effective and Long Lasting Change Quickly
Gently Heal From Past Trauma
Watch Your Dreams Unfold and Come True

Explore NLP Practitioner Certification Curriculum

Transforming Minds, Empowering Lives

Lesson 1
Introduction to NLP

Discover the essence of NLP and its profound link between the mind and body. Immerse yourself in the incredible potential of the mind-body connection through engaging all five senses.

Lesson 2

Unlock the secrets of instant rapport. Explore your unique learning style, decode eyes signals, and refine your sensory awareness. Dive into the enchanting world of sub-modalities - NLP Swish and Mapping Across.

Lesson 3 

Explore the influence of metaphors in effective communication. Gain insight into and utilize covert persuasion techniques rooted in Milton Model principles.

Lesson 4 

Acquire the skill of implementing NLP anchoring, which leverages the principles of behavioral conditioning to manage and influence emotions and behaviors.

Lesson 5

Acquire techniques for questioning and reshaping unproductive thoughts, and recognize language patterns that contribute to less-than-ideal mental states.

Lesson 6 

Acquire the skill to recognize nine distinct conversational frames and implement them when crafting your speech. Discover the art of reframing, enabling you to perceive situations from a fresh and more constructive perspective.

Lesson 7

Gain insight into the brain's habit-forming processes and acquire the skills to break, alter, or establish new habits. Master the art of eliciting an individual's buying strategy and apply it effectively in sales.

Lesson 8

Acquire the skill of recognizing your inner conflicts (parts) and facilitate their harmonious integration at a subconscious level, fostering a sense of congruence and self assuredness.

Lesson 9

Acquire the skill of reconnecting with others by adopting their perspective, fastering empathy and forgiveness in the journey.

Here's what our students say about us

Real reviews from some of our customers

Erica Hu 

- Australia

“Thank you trainer Ms Kiki who has conducted an amazing training, that has benefited me in so many aspects in terms of human relationship."

Melisa Malik 

- InspireKidz

"My experience at Ashton has been life changing. It has helped to aligned my life back to the path that's more purposeful and fulfilling."

Anneliza Zainal 

- Sterling Risk Solution

"Kiki's classes are deliberately small, so she can focus her attention on each and every student. I was privileged to attend her classes twice."

Michelle Martin 

- Lighting Protection Systems

“The best trainer and coach I have ever had. Full of positive energy and everyday when we meet, I learn something new."


- Azmi & Associates

“Kiki Ng is certainly a force to be reckoned with. While her modules are where the substance is, it is her personal style and her personal touch that shine through."

Michael Kim 

- UOB Malaysia

“Kiki is a good trainer, able to bring to life complicated/ technical NLP jargons to simple concepts/ stories. I would recommend her works.”

Meet Kiki Ng

Ashton NLP Master Trainer, Certified Hypnotherapist & Coach

Trainer's Credentials

Kiki is a highly experienced professional with over 30 years in training, coaching, and mentoring, holding certifications as a master trainer for Ashton Training Academy, a Certified NLP trainer, and an international professional hypnotherapist.

She has an impressive track record of assisting over 30,000 individuals in overcoming trauma and destructive habits to reach their peak potential using NLP coaching, hypnotherapy, and timeline therapy, while also providing consultation and training to 100+ corporations and multinational companies across various industries.

Course Highlights

Highlight #1:

How to Reprogram For What You Want In Life
 - The Best Version Of You

No matter what you desire to achieve – Success, freedom, joy, love, health, wealth, abundance – This certification programme will give and show you the drive, process and the momentum to achieve it.

Don’t settle for an ordinary life when you can create an extraordinary one!

You can (and will!) experience shifts and transformations inside you, once you have decided to change and work with us to make it happen. Like what Anthony Robins once said "Change can happen in an instant. It is the decision to change that takes forever..."

Highlight #2:

Framework To Clear Limiting Beliefs, Break Free From Negative Emotions & Habits

Your mind has been reprogrammed the moment you were born, strongly influenced by culture, the media, your friends, your teacher, your experience and even your parents... Disconnecting you from reaching your true potential.

Mastering NLP skills not only helps you breaking through your mental barriers quickly, but also managing emotions that are causing you stress and anxiety regularly.

Highlight #3:

Create Effective and Long Lasting Change Quickly

You do not need to go through lengthy process to create change because NLP helps you create long lasting change within minutes.

YES, is that powerful. We go deep to your belief system and values, follow by a series of techniques and framework, you'll learn how to create long lasting change for yourself or with the others.

You'll practice all these framework, process and techniques during the live workshop.

Highlight #4:

Gently Heal From Past Trauma

If you’ve experienced past trauma or pain, you’ll know how long it can stick with you.

Mental scars can create havoc on various areas of your life, and it often requires extraordinary amount of effort, energy and courage to get to the root and overcome these challenges.

That’s why our NLP certification workshop is designed to subtly and gently get to the actual experience from the past – and heal them from the inside out, permanently.

Highlight #5:

Watch Your Dreams Unfold and Come True

This unique goal setting experience is only available in Ashton training centre.

We combine the use of NLP, mile-stone therapy with carefully selected coaching questions to guide you through every process of your dream until you actually achieve it internally.

Once it is done, you'll see how it will unfold itself naturally. One of the best technique you can ever learn!

Your questions answered

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have, please drop me an email or call me

How Does This NLP Certification Programme Work?

Ashton certified NLP and master practitioner is an interactive and practical of learning towards awakening the full benefits of your mind and spirit in health, wealth, success, relationship, abundance and love.

The course is spread out for 3-4 weekends, you’ll experience the techniques by yourself with Kiki Ng and you’ll enjoy a rewarding sense of progress (that could lead to lasting change) with minimal time spent.

Please note that there will be reading, practical, written and research requirements, pre and post training, which will contribute to you earning your certifications.

By the end of the programme, your mind will be ready and even reprogrammed to create an extraordinary life, start living in an abundance with greater success, health, wealth, joy and love.

We are passionate about your learning and transformation and we appreciate your total commitment to the whole change process. We look forward to welcoming you in this inspiring journey to awaken the giant within.

What Do I Get Certified As?

You'll be receiving 3 certification after the workshop (After you passed your exam) which is Certified NLP practitioner, certified NLP coach and certified timeline therapy.

What Is NLP and How Does It Work?

NLP stands for "Neuro Linguistic Programming". It is like your "Manual User" for your brain. It helps you to understand how your thoughts, language and emotion that you use influence your behavious and the results that you get. And it provides you with skills and tools to re-program your mind to achieve the key results that you want in every area of your life.

It make full use of 5 senses from your body, to re-design your experiences, and condition different response in both your conscious and subconscious mind. It creates faster results with long lasting change.

Is There Any Requirement To Take This Course.

As long as you're 18 years old and above, mentally fit and willingness to change and open for learning to help yourself and the others, this certification is for you.

Do You Guarantee This Will Work For Me?

Ashton NLP certification course has been used for hundreds of Kiki's students and clients, and countless testimonial and studies prove its effectiveness.

This is how we can guarantee your success with this NLP certification class. We’re even giving you full day to try out by attending the programme and decide if it’s for you. If in this time you decide not to continue at the end of the day, simply return the learning materials and we’ll send you a full friendly refund.

Talk to us, try it, and see what Kiki's NLP class does for you. We’re certain you’ll be inspired and enjoy with your experience.

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