Grow Your EQ From Inside Out Online Masterclass


This GROW YOUR EQ MASTERCLASS is a 90-min webinar in MP4 format, with the main aim of creating awareness and equipping you with some quick, effective and sustainable mind and language tools to increase your emotional intelligence (EQ) and boost your mental health.

If you’re currently experiencing these challenges, this is the Masterclass for you:

✅ Constant stress and anxiety from work, relationship and personal life

✅Trapped in a web of negative emotions; anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt in your everyday life

✅Tension from people, situations and thoughts which seem hard to control most of the time

There are 5 major takeaways from the webinar:

💪How to stop stress and anxiety from affecting your life

💪How to equip yourself with mental tools to protect you and your family from destructive emotions and behaviors

💪How to use language to heal, express and inspire action

💪Useful brain techniques to release negative emotions and see immediate changes

💪Guided deep relaxation experience to help release stress and be at peace while your body heal..

On top of these, you’ll also get a FREE Workbook worth RM199 when you purchase this MP4!

Only RM 29.90 (Until our offer ends)

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