Unconscious Emotional Triggers

Published on 8th May 2023

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Kiki Ng

As humans, we are constantly bombarded with emotions. From the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night, we experience a range of emotions, from happiness and excitement to sadness and anger. Sometimes, these emotions can be triggered by specific events or experiences in the past. These are what we call emotional triggers.

Emotional triggers are external events or circumstances that cause us to feel a certain way. They can be positive or negative, intense or mild, and they can come from anywhere – our work, our relationships, our environment, or even our own thoughts and memories. Emotional triggers can be very unconscious, meaning we may not even be aware of why we are feeling a certain way.

Identifying emotional triggers is an important step in managing our emotions. When we know what causes us to feel a certain way, we can take steps to avoid or minimize the triggers. For example, if you know that your boss’s voice or face triggers feelings of anxiety, you can work on developing a coping mechanism to deal with these feelings when they arise, such as taking deep breaths or going for a walk.

Emotional triggers can also help us understand ourselves better. By identifying what triggers us, we can gain insight into our values, beliefs, and priorities. For example, if you become angry when someone challenges your beliefs, it might indicate that you place a high value on your convictions.

It’s important to remember that emotional triggers are not always negative. We can also be triggered by positive emotions such as love and joy. These triggers can help us cultivate meaningful relationships and live more fulfilling lives.

In conclusion, emotional triggers are a natural part of the human experience. By identifying our triggers, we can take steps to manage our emotions and cultivate more positive experiences. Instead of shying away from our emotions, we can embrace them and use them as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth.

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